Winterizing Cattle

Winterizing Cattle


It is important to start getting cattle ready for winter before the weather gets cold. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.



There is a definite decline in the quantity and quality of the pasture as fall approaches. Remember that cows are pregnant and require more energy and protein. Animals can rapidly lose weight, so to counter this problem consider weaning the calves.


Wean Calves

Wean calves to reduce energy requirements on cows. When given high quality nutrition, weaned calves usually gain more weight than staying on the cow. There will be fewer respiratory infections by weaning calves in early September because there is less variation in the weather, which is conducive to respiratory infections. Give calves an 8-Way vaccine at least two weeks prior to weaning. Read more at: BeefTalk.pdf


Preg Check

Cull open and old cows before September 15 to get the best possible price and save pasture.



If cows are showing any ribs, consider supplementing pasture with good quality alfalfa to put weight on before the weather starts getting cold. It is very difficult to get gain on a thin animal during cold weather and later stages of pregnancy.



Worm all animals in late October or the first week of November to increase efficient use of energy and improve digestion. This includes calves and bulls.


Read more at: BeefTalk.pdf


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