HCH proudly sells registered Angus and Polled Hereford cattle. This includes bulls, heifers, cows, and steers. We work hard to produce high-quality, premium alfalfa hay as well. A limited quantity of alfalfa/grass and grass hay is also available.

Be sure to look at HH Miss Advance 9011 donor cow and her bull calf!

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2018 Herd Sires


Females for sale

HH Miss Advance 9011W ET

We are offering this long-bodied, smooth topped female for sale.

Or you may choose a flush to the sire of your choice.

We have flushed Miss Advance to Churchill Stud 3134 A,

HH Perfect Timing 0150 and NJW Twentytwelve. We

have sold the bull calves and retained the females

for our herd.

HH Miss Advance 9011W ET and her April 2, 2018 bull calf.

Sired by Market Index, this calf has dark color and show 

quality looks.

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