HCH proudly sells registered Angus and Polled Hereford cattle. This includes bulls, heifers, cows, and show steer prospects. We work hard to produce high-quality, premium alfalfa hay as well. A limited quantity of alfalfa/grass and grass hay is also available.


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Open Heifers Available For Sale

These 14-15-month-old heifers weighed from 800-900 pounds on March 15, 2021.  They have been coming in heat and are currently open. These replacements have had their pre-breeding vaccinations. We intended to put most of these heifers back into our herd however we had so many great heifer calves born this spring, we decided to sell some of the 2020 yearling heifers to keep room for the 2021 heifer calf crop. We stress docility and easy handling in both Herefords and Angus so you can be assured these are all calm, gentle heifers. We guarantee them to be sound healthy breeders. We are asking $1200-$1400 for your choice.

H12     Registered     $1300

  • Out of one of our best cows
  • Lots of eye pigment, DNA tested free of all known genetic defects
  • Replacement quality
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H18     Registered     $1300  

  • Well balanced with muscle
  • Shows a lot of style
  • A definite show prospect


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H22     Registered     $1400

  • Her mother produced one of our high selling bulls
  • Lots of length, pigment on both eyes, and good hindquarter


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H26     $1300

  • Her mother is a Pathfinder Dam
  • Good balance and rear hindquarter
  • Excellent replacement
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H33     $1300

  • From a very prolific cow family that stays a long time
  • Long bodied
  • Excellent replacement


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H41     $1300

  • Stout female by Connealy Comrade, a calving ease specialist
  • We like her mother


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H48     $1400

  • Will catch your eye right away   
  • Another member of the prolific 33 line of cows
  • Long, deep, and wide
  • Wouldn't let her go if we didn't already have so many of her pedigree
  • Excellent replacement


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H496     Registered    $1300

  • Has the moderate look of an excellent momma cow


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H582    $1200

  • A very nice heifer in all ways except for her front feet
  • Would make a great locker beef


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H596     Registered   $1400

  • Really good replacement heifer
  • Long, well balanced, good hindquarter and very docile
  • We should keep her


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We have the heifers available for viewing at any time. They are weaned, vaccinated, and on pasture.

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