About our hay

We raise alfalfa, alfalfa/grass and grass hay in the Chewelah valley. Our hay ground is irrigated with center pivots, wheel lines and hand lines. We also take yearly soil samples to guide us in selecting the proper fertilizer combinations for our hay and pasture land. We believe using fertilizer keeps the quality and palatability of our hay exceptional. We also use different soil amenders to help improve our soils, including all of the manure and residues from our cattle, gypsum and cover crops. In 2023, we experimented with Limechar on thirty acres in cooperation with a Stevens County Conservation District experimental project.

Our hay offerings include:
  • 1st cutting alfalfa hay
  • 2nd cutting alfalfa hay
  • 3rd cutting alfalfa hay
  • 1st cutting 3'x4'x8' big bales
  • Grass Hay
  • Alfalfa/Grass Hay



Protein: 15.8, RFV: 124, TDN: 59
Protein: 2.0, RFV: 119, TDN: 60.2
Protein: 9, RFV: 100, TDN: 62
Protein: 15.8, RFV: 124, TDN: 59

We also offer limited hay delivery.

Please call for details.

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HCH Hay Guarantee

We guarantee every bale to be free of mold, rocks, dirt or foreign objects. If you are not satisfied with our hay, you can return the unused hay and we will replace it or return the appropriate amount of money to you. It is your choice.


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