How to Read a Hay Test

Understanding a hay test can help make hay selection easier for you and more enjoyable for your animals. There are three main terms to know when reading a hay test.


Protein: The material necessary for body growth and making new cells.

General range: low 8 to high 26
General range needed: 14 – 16


TDN: (Total Digestible Nutrients) The amount of digestible matter in the hay.

General range: low 45% to high 75%
General range needed: 55% – 70%


RFV: (Relative Food Value) Combination score of all the plant characteristics tested.

General range: low 100 to high 200
General range needed: 150 to 185


Select the hay test for the cutting of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd cutting alfalfa you would like to purchase and look at the numbers. Do you see a product that looks good?






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