More Fun to Go Under

Do you remember when it was more fun to do things the harder way? Or maybe it was the challenge of doing what the adults couldn’t? Or maybe it was because you could actually bend and crawl when you wanted…

Fall Chores

Glad we found time to take this pot and suction tube out of the river before that first cold frost. Also happy to be the one taking pictures and not swimming with the fishes!

Learning How

Miss G is learning one of Grampie’s techniques for checking hay. Grab a handful of barley hay and twist until it breaks. How many turns does it take? Does the hay feel and look dry? How much moisture will the…

Water Sensors In

Water sensors are going in, thanks Charlie Kessler! These record soil moisture, soil temperature, switch positions, and rain gauge counts for an accurate record of the performance of an irrigation schedule.

Clean Up on Field #3

I’m the woman who is called when there are broken bales to clean up. I grab my pitchfork, tote goat, trailer, and go fast to get the cleanup job done. I don’t have much time as I have to be…

One Polled Hereford Bull Left

We have one yearling plus Polled Hereford bull left for sale this year. If you are looking for a new herd sire, be sure to check out this NJW Homegrown 8Y son. He is sure to catch your eye.

Wonderful Rain!

Wasn’t that rain a welcome sight! We were able to get some barley seed in the ground before the nice rain made a visit last week. We are hoping to make hay for the cattle this summer out of the…

WCA Bull Test Entries

Our Lot 210 entry for the WCA Bull Test and Sale. He is a son of JMB Traction 292 that is deep bodied, broad across the hips and has grown well.  He obviously loves his scratches too. We are also…

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