Stuck Again

For the second time this year, I have needed a knight in shining armor to come to my rescue. I once again had my boot mired in the mud so deep that I had to abandon it and ask Head…

Alfalfa and Barley Seed Planted

We have planted alfalfa and barley seed and now wait for the rain. Will we get some much-needed moisture? It could be that the irrigation water will have to be started early this year.

Breaking in Your New Herd Bull

Bulls require a significant investment, and this should be matched by your effort to ensure they are successful breeders. The following are tips regarding the bull’s most recent diet and the breeding season.   New yearling bulls should be given…

More Fun to Go Under

Do you remember when it was more fun to do things the harder way? Or maybe it was the challenge of doing what the adults couldn’t? Or maybe it was because you could actually bend and crawl when you wanted…

Fall Chores

Glad we found time to take this pot and suction tube out of the river before that first cold frost. Also happy to be the one taking pictures and not swimming with the fishes!

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