We Load Your Hay!

When you purchase hay at HCH, we load the bales for you. A flatbed trailer or truck is loaded with a telehandler and grapple. A pickup is loaded by hand. If you make the trip, we load the hay.

Brr … Take Care of Your Animals

The temperature is dropping outside and your animals need more energy to keep warm. Increasing the quantity and quality of your hay will allow animals to stay warm, be more comfortable and not lose weight.

How to Read a Hay Test

Understanding a hay test can help make hay selection easier for you and more enjoyable for your animals. There are three main terms to know when reading a hay test.   Protein: The material necessary for body growth and making…

Establishing a Pasture

Establishing a Pasture   Establishing a pasture for your animals presents many variables that need consideration. Type(s) of soil, available moisture during the pasturing seasons, health of the soil and selecting the variety or varieties of plants best suited to…

Cutting Hay

Cutting Hay   Here are a few tips when you are ready to start cutting:   Read your owner’s manual and properly adjust the conditioner rolls each time you cut. Remember: Every field is different.   Lay the swath as…

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