Raking Hay for a Fluffy Windrow

Raking Hay for a Fluffy Windrow


  • Don’t merge windrows or turn hay until it is dry enough that it can be baled the day you turn it.


  • Control your ground speed so the hay is fluffed not rolled. (Most people rake too fast, which causes rolling and wrapping of the hay)


  • Adjust the angle of the rake baskets so they lift the hay – not roll it. They should point out and upward.


  • When raking with the dew moisture, don’t start too early. Begin when it is warm enough to begin pulling the moisture out and quit when you see leaves starting to fall off. The windrow should fluff not roll.


  • When doubling windrows, lay one row alongside the other. Don’t pile one on top of the other or slam one into the other.



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