The fastest way to improve the genetic base of a cow herd is through artificial insemination (A.I.). Each year we breed over ninety percent of our herd A.I. to the best bulls we can find in the United States and Canada. Through the use of A.I. we have developed a herd of outstanding females.

AI Sire Information Connealy Power Surge
Connealy Black Granite
Connealy Comrade 1385
S Power Point
Sitz Upward 307R
Barstow Bankroll
JMB Traction 292

Foundation Females of the HCH Herd


BoBo Miss Midy 603


  • Flushed twice producing thirteen embryos.
  • Her offspring are always one of the top calves at weaning time.
  • Donor Dam permitted since 9/24/2015.
  • Miss Midy has provided us with 10 ET calves and 3 natural calves.




Basin Joyce 9213

  • Purchased in the Basin Angus dispersal.
  • Basin Joyce brings in a top calf every year.
  • The all-star cast of sires in her pedigree include GAR Precision 1680, Gardner Expedition, Vermillion Dateline 7078 and Paramont Ambush 2172.
  • We need some heifer replacements out of this cow.




 H&S Miss Traveler Division

  • The first star we produced in our Angus herd.
  • We have several daughters and granddaughters producing and they are flat good.
  • It's hard to beat these SAV 8180 Traverler 004 daughters. Longevity, length, growth and maternal. I have looked for them at every sale.
  • We would flush her if we didn't have so many cows with her blood line already.



 BoBo Blackbird 913

  • Our second pick at the BoBo dispersion sale.
  • Her sire, Hyline Right Time 338 produces highly maternal daughters.
  • Blackbird crosses well with a wide variety of sires.
  • We will flush her in the near future looking for daughters.
  • A picture of her 2016 bull calf is to the right.




44 Agent 3119

44 Agent 3119 is one of the very best GAR Profet daughters I have seen. BR New Day 454 on the bottom side of her pedigree adds depth, muscle and excellent feet. She was a top performer in the 2013 heifer crop with ratios of BW 90, WW 118, YW 114, IMF 106 and RE 106. She has produced three calves with a WW ratio of 105. She has a July 2019 bull calf at side by Baldridge Alternaitve E125 that is truly outstanding.





KCF Miss 9M25  Z337

Z337 is an outcross to our genetics with GAR Predestined on the top side and N Bar Emulation Ext on the bottom side of her pedigree. She is very feminine while carrying a lot of muscle and depth of body. Her dam is a Pathfinder cow and Z337 carries on this tradition with a calving interval of 368 days and ratios of WW 102 and YW 103 on four claves. Z337 has a July bull calf by Baldridge Alternative E125 that is very stout and has the look of a herd sire.

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