The fastest way to improve the genetic base of a cowherd is through artificial insemination (A.I.). Each year we breed over ninety percent of our herd A.I. to the best bulls we can find in the United States and Canada. Through the use of A.I., we have developed a herd of outstanding females.


AI Sire Information
Bar Star Magnitude
R Leader
RSK Digby
Tested A250

The latest additions to our herd

Churchill Lady 238Z

Churchill Lady 238Z is sired by CL 1 Domino 955W, an outstanding bull from Cooper Herefords. Dale said, "She is very good for growth, maternal and carcass." Her actual ratios are 107 for weaning and 105 for the yearling.

Churchill Lady 325A

Churchill Lady 325A is a Sensation 028X daughter. Dale said, "Lady is one of the best-producing cows in the sale with an average weaning ratio of 114." She is bred to the popular Churchill sire Kickstart 501C, due to calve February 2, 2019.

Our 2018 purchases should move our

breeding program forward in a big way

and bring added value to our herd.

Edna D157

E332A Edna D157 is a very wide and long cow that shows great muscle development while still remaining very feminine. She is bred to calve in January to Braxton C009, an Ehlke bred calving ease sire. Edna is the second super female we have purchased from Ehlke Herefords.

E T719 Precious Z35

Precious is a beautiful dark color, has an outstanding udder and will add eye appeal to her calves. We can hardly wait to see her embryo transfer calves out of Digby and her natural calf out of Bar Star Magnitude. We own half interest in Precious with Ehlke Herefords of Townsend, Montana. 

Churchill Lady 7313E ET

Churchill Lady will calve this spring to H&S Embracer 480. We expect great calves from this little lady.

Foundation Females of the HCH Herd

HH Miss Advance 9011W ET

  • Purchased from Holden Herefords Sept. 17, 2015, in their Elite Female Sale.
  • Miss Advance 9011 is a very long, smooth-topped cow that is feminine while still showing a lot of muscle and cow power. A maternal sister is also a donor at Holden's.
  • We will sell 9011 or offer a flush. If you choose to buy the cow, we will retain the right to one flush. Please call for further information.
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HH Miss Advance 7212T

  • Purchased from Holden Herefords In Valier, Montana, September 19, 2013.
  • Miss Advance has extra length and volume to back her WR 5 @ 104.7 and YR 4 @ 103.3.
  • Miss Advance is a daughter of one of Holden’s great donor cows: HH Miss Advance 147L ET.
  • She has left us two very good daughters to carry on her line.
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H&S Lads Girl

  • Lads Girl is a third generation Dam of Distinction (DOD) three generations in a row.
  • Earning this honor is extremely rare. Lads Girl records WR 6 @ 107 and YR 4 @ 100.
  • Lads Girl has three Dams of Distinction and three Sires of Distinction in her three generation pedigree.
  • Donor Dam permitted as of 7/24/2015.
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H&S Donna Duramiss

  • Our best maternal producer.
  • Donna has bred on her first AI service all six years while maintaining a 358-day calving interval.
  • Three sons have been sent to the WCA Bull Test selling from $2800.00 to $7750.00.
  • Her daughter is unbelievably good and will calve in January.
  • Donna has five Sires of Distinction and two Dams of Distinction in her three generation pedigree.
  • Donor Dam permitted as of 9/24/2015.
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