“Big B” Delivery

We were able to deliver a Polled Hereford bull to Shirley and Dean Henry of Colville, Washington recently. He is a son of KJHVH 33N Redeem 785T ET.

Called Big B, this bull is long bodied, smooth and docile. We backed the trailer up to the pasture gate, opened the door and politely asked him to make an appearance. He obliged by stepping from the trailer and surveying his new domain. Big B walked toward the waiting cows and the traditional “bull of the herd” greeting took place.

When the pleasantries were concluded, he strode off for a walk of his new home grounds. This quickly turned into a short run with an attempted buck and snort. When you are carrying as much weight as Big B, a crow hop and snort take a lot of energy!

When we headed down the road, Big B was on his way back to join the ladies. We left him in the very capable hands of the Henry’s.


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