Bulls, Mrs. Swannack and Lunch in a Bag

We helped deliver bulls after the WCA Bull Test and Sale on March 21 and received a very welcome gift at our first stop. The Swannack residence in Lamont was the start of our delivery tour. We left Bill three Red Angus bulls and received two large lunch bags that contained two sandwiches, a large bag of homemade cookies and an ice cold Pepsi. The sun was setting and there was no time for finding a place to catch a quick bite, so a meal for the road was gratefully accepted. Thanks, Mrs. Swannack. You make awesome cookies!

Our next stop was at the Belsby place to give four more bulls new homes. We headed over to Wilcox Family Farms where Marty and Matt were kind enough to have the next load waiting. Thanks for the help hauling and loading guys! A quick stop outside Davenport, a drop off at Addy and then home to end a very long day.

Thanks to all the buyers for the support at the WCA Bull Test and Sale. Hope to see you next year.



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