AI (Artificial Insemination) Thinking

It is time to artificially inseminate (AI) the cows for calves in January. It certainly does not seem to be the time of year to ponder what AI sires to select or to chart heat cycles, but the calendar says to get on it now!

As all our cows are in the AI program, Lorren has been pouring over data and researching herd sires since last spring. In fact, he is constantly looking at progeny from sires all over the country. He not only uses Hereford and Angus data, video sales, conversations with multiple ranch owners but also attends bull and female sales. It is a full-time job to stay up on the latest recorded information and the updated statistics.

After much digging, research, traveling and discussing, the herd sires have been chosen. We will use proven sires as well as several newcomers to add high-quality genetics to our Angus and Hereford females.


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