Weigh Day for the Yearlings

It was time to take yearling weights on the heifers and bulls. The heifers were the first to enter the barn and be loaded into the alleyway for the trip to the scale. All went very well as they followed directions without complaint. I know, a bunch of girls doing what you asked the first time and without drama: truly impressive! The heifers waited patiently in line, stood politely on the scale and were outstanding ladies. They were rewarded with a nice green bale of our best alfalfa hay.

The bulls were next: what does one say about teenage young men?? If they perform in the pasture like they buck, snort and paw the ground, we will have the manliest bulls in Stevens County! They all did great until we got to the last one. Of course, he is Angus. Enough said.

The entire group went into the barn without incident, but this one could not bring himself to join his mates. He noticed a puddle of water just inside the door and it scared him… really? No amount of pushing, prodding or poking would make him take the step to enter the barn.

Using two wooden pallets to make a panel, we gave him a shove into the doorway. When he finally made up his mind to go, it was one giant leap into the abyss. As soon as he was inside the barn he strolled down the alley, walked on the scale and stood quietly as I weighed him. I popped open the front gate to release him and he ambled out into the pen with his pals.

It goes without saying, no nice green bale of our best alfalfa hay for him.


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