Sizzling Burgers, Learning and the VSP Tour

A beautiful day, two great tour stops, sizzling burgers, and a hayride was all part of the VSP Tour this past Saturday. A busload of folks arriving with eager attitudes and big appetites for a noon barbeque at Hagen Cattle and Hay was just the middle of a fun packed day of learning.

Front Porch Farm was the first stop where offshore watering, bank stabilization and fencing projects were the main focus. The bus continued on to Hagen Cattle and Hay for burgers with all the fixings, corn on the cob, cantaloupe and lively conversation. The group loaded onto a trailer with hay bale seats and learned about covered cattle feeding, manure storage, pivot irrigation, bank stabilization, and winter cover crops.

Thanks to Front Porch Farms for the awesome vegetables and fruit. Delicious!


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