Herd Sire Selection: Female Traits

Now is a good time to start thinking about the traits you need in your next herd bull. Giving thought to a herd building plan is an ongoing process and can change with each new herd sire. Here are a few female considerations you might want to evaluate.


  • Do you plan on keeping females for replacements?
  • Do you have the maternal traits you want and need at the desired levels?

           1.  Mothering ability.

           2.  Milk.

           3.  Udder structure.

           4.  Fertility.

           5.  Longevity.

          6.  Docility – temperament.


When looking for a herd sire, it always pays to have your thoughts and key questions organized and ready for discussion before you go look at a bull. The seller should be able to give you informed answers and provide data at your request. If possible, confirm that the maternal side of the bull is what you want in your replacement females. 

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