Harder Ranch Visit

We had the chance to visit the Harder Ranch in Lamont, Washington last month. Henry, Linda, and son, Harry were on hand to give us a personalized tour of the cattle herd. What a beautiful set of Polled Hereford cows!

We watched the cows relaxing on a gentle rolling hill that offered plentiful fall pasture. There is nothing quite as picturesque as mama cows chewing their cud with half-closed eyes, shining coats and gaining weight as they bask in the warm afternoon sun. They were enjoying a well-earned rest as the calves had been weaned. Winter will arrive, followed by spring and another round of bouncing white faces will appear by the sides of these same cows and the wonderful cycle will continue.

The weaned calves were looking full and happy as well. A very nice set of balanced steer calves for a lucky buyer. Some fancy replacement heifers that will be put back into the herd also caught our eye. They had the same dark coat color and eye pigment as the cows. The Harder’s are expecting these heifers to follow in the hoof prints of their mothers by being productive, fertile females too.

Thanks, Harder Family for the ranch tour, treats and laughs. A great place to visit!


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