Fall Cattle Care

I thought I would share what we do here at Hagen Cattle and Hay for fall cow care. This includes weanling heifer and bull calves as well.  The bull calves have been weaned since the middle of August and the heifers since the middle of September.



We run the weanling heifer and bull calves through the chute and give each one a pour-on dewormer down the back on both sides of the spine. We also give a booster vaccination for BRSV.


Cows and Bred Heifers

The mature cows and bred heifers will get a pour-on dewormer down the back as well. At this time, we will give the bred heifers their first vaccination of Bovine Rotavirus-Coronavirus Vaccine to prevent diarrhea in their calves. As we start our calving season in January, we need to allow time for the recommended dosage of two vaccinations before calving. Mature cows need only a yearly booster before calving.


 When Cows Calve

As we AI (Artificially Inseminate) the majority of our herd and pregnancy check, we have a very good idea when our heifers and cows will calve. However, smart cattlemen and ladies know that the bovine is the only one who decides when and where that calf will make an appearance!


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