Calf Care

Calf House

We decided long ago that calves need special care to obtain optimum growth and stay healthy. One of the first things we did was to build a calf house where the newborn calves could go to get away from the cows.


Little Bitty Stalls

We built little calf size stalls where the calf could have his own space to lay. It has a layer of sawdust with straw scattered on top. This makes for a wonderful bed to curl up and sleep on for a deep rest. Being on a dry surface helps the calf conserve body heat for growth rather than warmth.


Calf Height Hay Feeder

The house is large enough for an outdoor hay feeder that is also built for calves. The height, width, and headspaces are built to calf size. We offer soft, palatable hay at all times. This helps promote stomach activity at an early age.


Mineral and Salt

We also have a mineral/saltbox undercover in the building. We have found that offering free choice in minerals and salt encourages calves to choose what they need in the appropriate quantities.


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