Questions to ask HCH when looking at bulls:


Questions you might have when you visit us at HCH:


  • Will my family feel safe around the bulls I am looking at?
    • One of the traits we focus on is docility, so we cull the cattle who have attitudes.  We are in the pen around the bulls at least twice a day when we feed grain and clean stalls.


  • Does HCH expect me to purchase a bull when I visit?
    • No. We welcome visitors and a chance to show our herd to anyone who has an interest.


  • Do I have to know what I want? 
    • Definitely not. We want you to look and see which bull catches your eye and meets any criteria you may have.


  • Does HCH mind if I ask questions about how the bulls will match up on my cow herd?
    • We encourage you to ask questions about our bulls, cows and the AI sires we use, and we do make recommendations when asked.


  • Can I look at the HCH cow herd and the mother of the bull I like?
    • We hope you would ask to see all siblings, sisters, and calves related to the bull you choose. We love to show our cattle and talk about our program.


  • Does HCH have records on traits like birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, etc, that I can see?
    • We keep records on all the above traits on all our bulls, heifers and cows. We also have data on other traits as well.


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