Bull Breeding Guarantee

Bull Breeding Synopsis

We place heavy emphasis on selecting for docility; therefore we will not sell a bull known by us to be mean or wild. It should be noted however that some bulls change their attitude when they mature and start breeding cows. There is no way to guarantee a bull will remain as calm and docile as he demonstrates as a yearling.

Hagen Cattle and Hay Angus #97 from WCA testWhen there are calving problems the bull gets the blame. The bull certainly has a lot to do with it, but it may not be so much the bull you’re using now. Some bulls leave daughters with small pelvic areas who will have lots of calving problems when bred to your "new" bull. We place a heavy emphasis on CEM (Calving Ease Maternal) scores for selecting our bulls so they will produce daughters with larger pelvic size and easier calving traits. We also select for CED (Calving Ease Direct) scores which is the best indicator of how easy this bull will calve out when bred to heifers. CEM and CED when used together generation after generation will give you the best guarantee that you are minimizing calving problems as much as possible.

Our Guarantee

No sale is final until a vet examines our bulls. They must pass a breeding soundness exam and have a satisfactory semen evaluation, which will be certified in writing by a vet. A bull is given booster vaccinations with Bovi-Shield Gold 5, one shot ultra 8 and FP5VL5 before being sold. We also worm them.

We do not push our bulls with grain, so we can assure you that their feet, legs, liver, and other internal organs are sound. You will not get a "burned out" bull that won't work from us. These bulls are bred and raised to work for many breeding seasons given proper care. The bulls we sell are guaranteed to have met the stated conditions when you receive them. There is no additional guarantee written or implied.


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