AI Work in Progress

We have been working hard to chart and track cows and heifers for heat so they can be artificially inseminated to some of the best bulls in the Angus and Polled Hereford industry. It’s nice to know our work is…

New Bloodlines Added

We made a trip to Van Dyke Angus Ranch and came home with four cows that will deliver calves in January and February. We are excited to see how these outcross genetics work in our herd.

Walli & Klein Ranch Visit

We had the pleasure of delivering a calving ease bull to the Walli and Klein Ranches in Ritzville. Grandma Anita received a show piece for the barn. Looks great!

Calves are Growing Well

The calves have their own feeding and covered stall area so there is always something to munch on. They seem to like the soft, palatable barley hay.

Twin Time

We are now over half way through calving. A set of Angus heifer calves was the surprise so far. A nice set of girls who each weighed in at 61 and 63 lbs.

What a Summer!

We have all experienced hardships this summer. We are thankful that fall has arrived and hopefully some much needed rain will follow.

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