Angus Female Breeding Emphasis

Desirable Angus Cow Traits


We place heavy emphasis on temperament in our Angus females. We will not use an Angus bull that is below breed average for temperament score. We try to consistently use bulls that are in the top 25% of the breed for docility. Over the years our cow herd has become very docile.

Treasure 864 AngusFeet and legs

One of the potential problem areas with Angus cattle can be poor feet and leg structure. We place an emphasis on selecting bulls that have hooves that never need trimming. We also pay careful attention to leg structure and select females that are easy moving and athletic so they can cover a lot of ground.


It costs a lot of money to bring a cow into production, so it is important that the cow stay in the herd and produce a quality calf every year. We select cows that breed back quickly every year and look for blood lines that are still producing at ten years or more of age. Using older A.I. bulls that have more daughters in production helps take the guess work out of this area. We also place an emphasis on retaining heifers out of dams that have demonstrated good longevity. When we purchase females for our herd we look for cows that are six to eight years old, still look young and are producing high quality calves.

Seed stock

We continually research the Angus breed for top sires who meet the qualities we most desire in our females and order semen from around the United States. We also closely follow registered Angus sales across several states for females who will contribute the characteristics we value and are needed to improve our herd.


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